10 Alternatives To FaceTime For Windows

Claudia Lopez  

FaceTime is a video calling application by Apple which is solely made to work with iOS and Mac devices. FaceTime for Windows is not officially available but there are a few apps and websites which allow users to experience the same quality and performance that FaceTime provides its users with.

Alternative of Facetime for Windows

Skype – 

  • This is a very popular, free video chatting application by Microsoft which is compatible with many different platforms. 
  • Skype was founded in the year 2003 and was initially known as Skyper.
  • It is an application which ensures great performance and enables users to have high quality audio and video calls.
  • The application has a good number of users which have crossed 40 million daily. 
  • Skype calls are very versatile and efficient as users can have Skype to Skype calls as well as Skype calls to landline numbers. Skype is also used in Xbox and PlayStation for communicative purposes while games are being played.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, the daily usage of the app increased by 70%.

Google Duo –

  • Google Duo was launched recently, about three years ago but we can’t let this fool us into thinking that this application isn’t one of the best alternatives to FaceTime.
  • It is a very secure application which allows users to receive calls even if the application isn’t installed on their devices. 
  • It provides up to 720p HD video calls of great quality which has been optimized to ensure support to low bandwidth networks. 
  • All you need is a Google account and a phone number to start chatting and easily contacting people all over the world through cellular networks or WiFi.

Line –

  • Line is a freeware application by NHN Japan which has over 600 million users. 
  • It allows group calls which can include up to 200 users. 
  • Line also acts as a social media network where you can comment on posts which are shared by people you know and connect with everyone easily. 
  • The app provides a feature known as Line Out which allows users to make international calls to landlines and cell phones. 
  • It uses the ECDH key agreement protocol for encryption.

WhatsApp –

  • WhatsApp is a phenomenal app which is a part of Facebook. It is very popular and has over 1.5 billion users all over the world. 
  • It enables users to be able to make free video and audio calls through an internet connection. 
  • Users can make group chats which allows them to share messages, videos, photos with up to 256 people simultaneously.
  • WhatsApp can be synced on computers as well as mobiles for users to access the app from any device.
  • WhatsApp allows files and documents of upto 100 MB to easily be sent to people without having to install other third party apps.


  • Rakuten Viber is a cross platform application by the Japanese company Rakuten which lets users make free voice or video calls, send messages as well as pictures to other users of the app. 
  • The app claimed to have over 236 million users in 2015 and in 2018, over a billion users had been registered. 
  • Users need to have a phone number in order to download the application on their devices. 
  • The application has games, stickers and public chats which are popular among younger people. 
  • The group chats that are made on viber can have up to 200 participants.

WeChat –

  • WeChat is a Chinese application which was developed by Tencent. 
  • It was released in 2011 and has become very popular with over a billion users. 
  • It has a wide range of functions and is a great multipurpose app where users can exchange various contacts and information with people nearby through bluetooth. This also allows them to meet and contact random users if they wish to do so.
  • The app provides text messaging, payment services, video calls, conferencing, games and much more.
  • It lets users integrate with other social media platforms.

Zoom –

  • Zoom Video Communications is an American company which was started in the year 2011. 
  • Eric Yuan started this application because he hated travelling.
  • It is a cloud based service which provides video conferencing. 
  • Zoom has been made in a way to ensure that users get the most benefit from the application without facing many complications.
  • The app lets users make online video calls easily with end to end encryption for companies which want to maintain their NDA.
  • A zoom conference call can have up to 500 members in it.
  • One on one meetings, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds and many other features are available.

Wire –

  • Wire is a very secure platform which allows people to communicate and collaborate with end to end encryption. 
  • It is by Wire Swiss and was launched in the year 2014.
  • Wire has video and voice calling services, with messaging which can either be one on one or in groups. 
  • The application syncs easily with devices and has screen and file sharing.
  • You can have up to ten participants in a group call while a video conference can have four members.
  • The voices of individuals can be differentiated by a stereo feature which places them in a virtual space.
  • Users can even have conversations over pictures and exchange upto 5 MB of animated GIFs.

Glide –

  • Glide is a video calling and messaging application by Glide Talk with more than 15 million users.
  • Users can live stream and broadcast short videos in a manner which is similar to texting. 
  • The videos can be up to 5 minutes and they don’t get downloaded as they are streamed online which saves lots of storage space.
  • When recipients receive video messages, they can watch and respond to it immediately or after some time.
  • To use the app, you have to make a personal ID which will help users connect and share their videos and messages with others.

Jitsi –

  • Jitsi which was previously known as SIP Communicator was started by Emil Ivov in 2003. 
  • This application was later acquired by Atlassian in the year 2015 and ultimately sold to 8×8.
  • It is a systematic video and audio calling application that supports numerous different protocols such as SIP, Yahoo!, Windows Live, OTR, Jabber.
  • Jitsi is absolutely free and is available to be run on any of our own servers efficiently while allowing us to have conferences on the internet.
  • It provides better quality, lower latency, and is an inexpensive solution for users that are running their own service.
  • Jitsi has Ubuntu and Debian packages which are ready to be installed easily at any time.